Shoreline Family Health Care is here to offer outstanding care for all your health needs. We want to be here for you, to help you maintain good health. We offer the best in medical care to patients of all ages, from cradle to cane. We invite you to learn more about us and the services available to you here at Shoreline Family Health Care!

For our youngest patients, we offer care starting at birth. Our pediatric and well-child visits ensure your child stays healthy from the very start. We integrate both physical and behavioral health aspects of care for your child and your family, and together we mark your child’s developmental milestones along the way so that your child is well prepared to enter daycare or school. We also recognize that good health habits begin early, and we help our patients develop good habits for a lifetime. Developing a regular routine of healthy child or well care visits is the best way to ensure a healthy childhood. Well care visits focus on physical exams, developmental milestones, and any questions or concerns that parents or children may have. These visits also establish a calendar for immunizations, for diseases such as chickenpox and measles. We also perform physicals for sports, as well as for camps, schools, and other programs. We offer care for acute or chronic diseases, such as asthma, and offer an array of behavioral and mental health services when they are needed.

Our practice does not end after childhood; it grows with you and your family. From age 18 through the golden years, we provide treatment options for our patients at every stage of adulthood. We know staying healthy is the goal, and, we offer annual routine physicals and preventative care to fight chronic illness that can develop with age. By encouraging our patients to practice and maintain healthy habits, such as a balanced diet and proper sleep, we can help you reduce the risk of hypertension or diabetes. At the same time, we realize other factors sometimes come into play with regard to chronic health problems, such as genetics and patient history. Consequently, should you find yourself worried about a chronic condition, Shoreline Family Health Care is ready to be your medical partner. Together we will develop a plan to treat those chronic conditions, to prevent any serious consequences that can occur when these conditions are left untreated. We want to help you manage the risks associated with a chronic illness, by helping you to develop a plan that might include medications, lifestyle changes, or other treatments. We also offer same day and urgent care visits, so if you need treatment, contact us right away.

As your health care partner, we are proud to offer on-site lab testing for our patients. Instead of being sent to a different location to get the testing services you need, we offer an on-site laboratory because we know your time is valuable. Partnering with Quest Diagnostics, we offer a full-service lab that offers blood draws and urine tests as part of the kind of quality care our patients deserve. Of course, patients can choose to have their lab testing at any other facility of their choosing; however, it is our goal to make your health care experience an easy and pleasant one. With patient experience in mind, we offer our convenient pharmacy services on-site, as well. Our number one goal is your good health. Offering pharmacy services is one more part of our practice that strives to make staying healthy a simple, straight-forward process for you. The pharmacy offers refills of medications from other prescribers, to make the process simple.

For patients of all ages, Shoreline Family Health Care provides access to treatment options meant to support the development of good health practices. Physical health is a critical component of that, yet it is also vital to maintain strong mental health as well. To the end, Shoreline offers outstanding psychological support with our behavioral health assessments for children and mental health support for adult patients. Learning coping techniques for managing stress is a tool that should begin in childhood and be refined over time as the stress from everyday life grows. A licensed therapist will be available to patients in need of mental health care and will help you (or your child) meet and exceed your mental and/or behavioral health goals. Some options include individual or group therapy sessions, psychiatric nursing, and possible medication management when appropriate. We want to provide you with all the tools you need to maintain strong mental health.

Treatment for substance use disorder is another option for our patients battling prescription or street drugs or alcohol use. We know that overcoming addiction is not as simple as just wanting to stop; it takes time and commitment on the part of both patient and their health care team. If you are battling from addiction, Shoreline Family Health Care offers several options to help you regain control of your life. This may include therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. We will discuss your choices for recovery with you including a substance use assessment, as well as medication-assisted treatment (or MAT) with Suboxone or Naltrexone. Should you benefit from other medications, we offer referrals out of practice to other providers we trust in the area. We are here to help you reclaim your healthy life and offer individual or group counseling for you, as well as counseling and assistance to family members as needed. Let us show you how we can help!

For our healthy patients, our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge needed to maintain your good health for a lifetime. If you are struggling with illness, whether acute or chronic, Shoreline Family Health Care wants to partner with you to help control your situation with the right plan to help you meet your goals. With our patient-centered approach, we seek to partner with you in developing your care plan. We will review every option for treatment, outlining the benefits, and weighing any cons before you and your provider make a final decision. We want your input in these decisions since YOUR health at stake. Our goal is that by becoming a part of the Shoreline Family Health Care family, our integrated model for health care will make your life simpler and make good health more accessible for everyone. We do not discriminate with our patient care, and it is our goal for you to feel comfortable and welcome every time you visit us. We invite you to learn more today by giving us a call! We look forward to partnering with you to make good health possible, for the whole family.