Scheduling your COVID vaccine at FHCHC

Appointments are available for those deemed currently eligible by the CT State Guidelines. You can click here if you need more information to confirm your eligibility.

All vaccination appointments are at our 374 Grand Avenue location in New Haven.

Making an appointment is easy

  • Appointments are available Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm. Wednesday appointments start at 9:50am
  • Appointments on this calendar are available five days in advance.
  • Appointments will close 24 hours in advance. That means if it’s Tuesday at 10am, you can only schedule a Wednesday appointment for 10:10am or later.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please cancel 24 hours in advance. You can cancel by clicking the link on your confirmation email.
  • All vaccination visits require a post-vaccination observation stay. Please plan to include a 15 minute stay, if you have no history of allergic reactions. Plan for a 30 minute stay if you have a history of anaphylactic shock. You are also requested to bring your EpiPen with you.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This page was created to supplement the VAMS scheduling system. If you have already scheduled an appointment via VAMS, you do not need to schedule here. If you schedule your appointment here, you don’t need to schedule on VAMS. The two sites do the same thing and offer the same appointments.

    An appointment for your second vaccination will be made at the time of your first vaccination.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.