Shoreline Family Health Care is a full-service provider for both physical and mental well-being. We want to be there for all your needs, and as our patient, you will be cared for from cradle to the golden years. We offer continuous care for all manner of conditions, and as such, we want you to contact us with questions and concerns.

Our multi-disciplinary team at Shoreline Family Health Care includes a beneficial array of mental health care options. We know the importance of keeping both your body and mind healthy. Your providers at Shoreline will be educated and invested in your emotional and psychological health from day one. Choices for care include counseling, medication management, group therapy, and substance abuse disorder treatments and/or referrals when appropriate. In a non-judgmental environment, we are completely open to hearing your thoughts and what you need from your treatment team. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health care and that every patient progresses at their own speed, so some patients treated now might still need to come back for further or different treatment down the road. And still, it is our priority to serve and assist you in the best way possible. Every situation and patient is considered unique, and we work to find out how best to get you back to your healthy life. Relating to others and feeling fulfilled is important and we want to be the place you rely on to get you back into not only existing but truly living! The BHcare and Fair Haven Community Health Care partnership ensures that you receive the highest quality mental health treatment available, and moreover, we offer services for the benefit of adults and children, from psychological considerations to domestic violence issues. We have found this integrated partnership highly advantageous for our patients, no matter what your specific situation entails. Let us be your partner on your journey to mental well-being.

BHcare is an organization with 40 years of experience with addiction, domestic violence, and mental health conditions. They have full accreditation by The Joint Commission and are licensed by the Department of Public Health. They assist adults and children throughout the Shoreline community, Greater New Haven, and the Lower Naugatuck Valley. Fair Haven Community Health Care has provided medical care and services to people in the community since 1971 to nearly 18,000 people. Our primary and specialty care providers will assist you in learning to make healthy lifestyle choices  The integrated care you will find at Shoreline Family Health Care gives all our patients access to the benefits and services provided by both of these outstanding organizations, all in a single visit.

One benefit of being a patient with us at Shoreline Family Health Care includes the ability to access the kind of care you need quickly. Many providers have a waiting list for specialty care, particularly patients who need psychological care. Our integrated care mission is to get you the care you need in one place.. We believe our patients should enjoy every day of their lives to the fullest. We offer group therapy sessions, individual therapy, as well as access to treatment for any potential substance use disorders. We will quickly get you in to assess your needs and which treatment is most appropriate for you. We want your visits here to be meaningful, and we invite you to see what kind of care you will receive by becoming a patient at Shoreline Family Health Care. Whether you need mental or physical health care,

In addition to our services for health care, we also have an on-site laboratory for any testing your provider may deem appropriate. On-site services eliminate the need to visit a multitude of facilities for separate services. We also offer a pharmacy for all your prescription needs. First, we want you to know how easy it is to become a patient with us. Patients can preregister over the phone at the same time they are scheduling their first appointment. We want your first visit to be comfortable and welcoming. Once you set up your appointment and come to our office, please bring photo identification your social security number, your insurance card(s), if applicable,  and a list of any known allergies and a complete listing of any medications you take regularly (prescription or over the counter). Call us today to make your first appointment.

If you are uninsured, please call and someone will assist you in applying for our Sliding Discount Fee Program. Our goal is for everyone to have accessible, high-quality health care services, no matter their income or insurance coverage status. Our Certified Insurance Counselors will sit down with you and review your options for insurance coverage and help determine the best plan for you.  s. If you require an interpreter for your visits, please advise us of what language, and we will accommodate that need. We do not want any obstacle to come between you and the good health care that you deserve! At Shoreline Family Health Care, we want becoming a patient to be easy.

Our integrated approach to providing medical services are convenient for you and your busy life. When you become a patient with Shoreline Family Health Care, you become a part of our family for health. Everything we do is with you in mind. No matter what your needs may be, we invite you to bring your entire family in and join us as you work towards better health. we would be honored to be your health care partner. Contact Shoreline Family Health Care today!