Integrated Care – The Shoreline Family Difference

Shoreline Family Health Care provides fully integrated medical care, behavioral health care and substance use treatment, in a warm, welcoming environment, all under one roof.  Our integrated care model means your providers never lose sight of caring for you as a whole person. Integrated care puts all your providers on a single team, in the same office, eliminating separate appointments and provider referrals.

Your care team is specially trained to identify health issues that may overlap between the mind and body.  Whether you have a mental health appointment or a medical appointment, your care provider will offer you on-the-spot access to the team member who can provide additional insight into your health concern.

  • Is your child just not getting enough sleep, making school increasingly hard? Or is there an emotional or behavioral concern that merits a mental health assessment?
  • Is your partner under stress, combating a bad day at work with a few drinks? Or is there a substance use issue to evaluate?
  • Is your elderly neighbor really battling depression, or did their beloved dog die recently, changing their regular exercise routine, in addition to their heartache?
  • Do you feel out of sorts, but can’t decide if it’s age-related or what’s going on in your life right now?

Shoreline Family Health Care’s unique, integrated care model can help all of these patients, offering care of the whole person, in one appointment.

Your Care Team

Your care providers will work with you to address health issues that may overlap between your mind and your body.  And while we encourage you to explore the benefits of our integrated care model, all patients are welcome to access just one or all of the services we offer.

You and your family:

You and your health are central to every visit. Your providers will work with you and your family to develop a personalized plan for your care that addresses your needs.  You can see a medical provider, a Behavioral Health provider, or both!

Medical provider:

A family, pediatric or internal medicine provider who provides all needed medical care and who recommends, explains, and manages your care plan.

Behavioral health provider:

A licensed therapist dedicated to working with you as needed to help you meet your behavioral health goals.

Psychiatrist/Psychiatric APRN:

A doctor or nurse practitioner who consults on medication and complete behavioral health issues when needed.